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25 April, 2012@6:34 pm

Toughest interview team in the biz gets Wiz Khalifa in the hot seat.

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1 Responses to "Wiz Khalifa Interview w/ The Breakfast Club"
  • Huey says:

    PASS!!! I didn’t even listen to the clip, but I will continue to post the message after the arrow EVERY TIME I see some mainstream clown gettin’ ANY kind of play on this site… Who’s down to help me?!? ——————-> OK, Pizzo… You my Dude and all, but for someone who was about to GIVE UP on Hip-Hop and this site because of trash music like Nicki Minaj’s, WHY ON EARTH would you continue to showcase similar clown shoes MoFos??? THANK GOODNESS for QUAKERS!!! Because if it wasn’t for them and a few others, then I’D GIVE UP ON EVERYTHIN”!!! I can’t tell you how to run your site, but as I’ve said before, those knuckleheads get ENOUGH exposure EVERYWHERE else… REAL HIP-HOP should ONLY be featured here… Rant Over…

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