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4 May, 2012@6:15 pm

Dev preps his Seriously Trippin’ EP for May 22nd with this single.

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10 Responses to "Devin The Dude – “You’ll Be Satisfied”"
  • Huey says:

    @gggggggggg WHOA!!! WHOA!!! WHOA!!! This is NOT my Batman glass!!! I HOPE your comments were written with sarcasm towards Dayz because if they weren’t, then maybe I NEED to “relax”, too… I come to HHS for the latest “Real” Hip-Hop news and to check for ish I may have overlooked. I even look forward to clownin’ the latest Hip-Pop nonsense. I assumed we ALL did. So bein’ that that’s the case, why can’t we expect the most current info from the site that I, Dayz, TomL (where ever he is), and others have supported since day 1??? RIP MCA

  • Tom says:

    RIP Adam Yauch.

    I’m sure HHS will have an update on it.

  • gggggggggg says:

    didnt pizzo just say how busy he is. how this site is a non profit type deal.. i mean, i dont see any ads. i dont remember exactly.

    im just sayin that those type of comments are the kind that would make me say ‘fuck it’ if i was running a site like this.

    some days theres 10 new stories, some days theres zero. i’m just glad this sites still going

  • Dayz says:

    @gggggggggg I definitely remember when @Pizzo was talking about ending the site altogether to pursue different interests and I am, like you, very glad the site is still around. But like @Huey said we come here for the “real” Hip Hop news/new music and the site has been such a great place for so long I am just a bit concerned and disappointed. I would never bash @Pizzo or any other staff member as I respect them to the fullest and appreciate all that they do. And yes I do have a career, family and other hobbies. I probably spend like 20 minutes a day on here that’s it. But Hip Hop is my number one hobby, writing, recording, listening to LPs and yes going online to research artists and find new music. Nothing but love for HHS! And @Huey yeah what happened to @TomL??? Dude has been ghostface from the comment section for a minute!

  • yungplex says:

    Wanted to chime in with much love for the site and Pizzo.I havent always been online but I been messin with duke (& Warren Peace) since my Vegas days. (the late night radio,park jams and store by unlv) The site reminds me of my 20s and allows me a lil escape from being a grown ass man. & RIP MCA!

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