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This kid might be a star. Reminds us of early Pharcyde, more than ODB.

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4 Responses to "Young Dirty Bastard – “Son” (Video)"
  • Dayz says:

    Well… He is trying way too hard to copy his Dad’s steez. If he would have come out doing his own thing I think people, like me, would have been receptive to him due to who is Dad is and given him a chance. This comes off cheesy and like a bad gimmick. After watching this I did do my homework and watched all his videos and listened to many songs so I form this opinion after looking at his entire body of work out there. Maybe the gimmick will work for the kiddies that never listened to or got to see ODB live but for me I can’t listen to him until he creates his own lane. That would truly be the way to pay tribute to his father, be an originator not a copy cat.

  • Model Citizen says:

    It reminds me of ODB a lot more than early Pharcyde. If anyone has the right to blatantly bite Big Baby Jesus’ style it would be his own son, that doesn’t make it good unfortunately. Part of what made Dirty interesting was that he was always so fucked up that nothing he did sounded forced, it just came out sounding that crazy because he was legitimately wasted. That was part of the charm. This just sounds like a sober person doing an ODB impression.

  • Be28ans says:

    i agree with the both of you, i like the Beat tho

  • Rizzo says:

    A sad cycle of Dirty Bastards begetting Dirty Bastards

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