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3 Responses to "Rock The Bells 2012 Lineup Announced"
  • Bronson72 says:

    What? Deltron 3030? Damn, I better start stashin some loot for one of the Cali shows. I could definitely do without Salt-n-Pepa tho.

  • Dayz says:

    There is some whackness on that list! Worst line up they have ever had… Sad to see this great festival taking a nose dive to Hip Pop town! I mean Slick Rick, Deltron, Nas, Atmosphere, Big Daddy and the likes is awesome and I would love to see them but F#$K ANY SHOW that includes 2 Chainz!!! That crap is not for me and I would never spend my hard earned money supporting a fool like that! Not a fan of the cornballs Cudi and Wiz either but I don’t hate them just would never support them with my money. J Cole sold his soul to pledge allegiance to the ROC and Hip Pop, pass on him too. Dipset is and has always been lame as can be. Tyga, phew… Sorry I love Rock the Bells tour and what it means to real Hip Hop and I’ve been to most of them but with these inclusions I will gladly pass this year.

  • yungplex says:

    Rock the bells the best thang smokin for the summer. Hope not to see any herbs when I jam out to Tramp.

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