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The legendary lethal lyricist “Percee P” teamed up with “MADLIB” and created one of the greatest Hip Hop albums ever! Mixing together 2 songs and the albums intro, we created this OFFICIAL VIDEO honoring both great men. Shot out to “Records are forever” clothing and “The Artform Studio” and “Projekt Mayhem” recording studios, DJ J ROCC (Beat Junkies) and DJ RHETTMATIC (Beat Junkies) and all the artists and dancers who helped place all elements into this video! Download the album “Perseverance” on Itunes! or buy directly from Percee P when you see him.

Percee P has been rapping since 1977 and made his first debut in 1989 (NY) battling “Lord Finesse” learn more about Percee P at the stones throw website way ahead of his time. DONT SLEEP!

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4 Responses to "Percee P + Madlib – “Mastered Craftsman” (Video)"
  • Slate says:

    Messin with Percee P is like murder in the first degree

  • yungplex says:

    That muffuga just nice

  • Dayz says:

    Great song and video for sure. Percee P been doing it longer than probably anybody… Well I mean doin’ it for 30+ years and still keepin’ it fresh. Guess other than KRS-One there are not too many older artists still going strong out there. Hip Hop as a music is still so young. I will really be interested to see like 40 years from now are cats like Snoop Dogg gonna be playing a lounge in Vegas? I hope so! I hate this “rule” in Hip Hop that it’s only a young man’s game. No one boos or tells someone like Paul McCartney to get off stage cause he is not allowed to rock anymore.

  • Model Citizen says:

    Percee P has always been a beast. I saw him live once opening for Madlib and before the show he was going up to people trying to sell cds out of a card board box. I didn’t recognize him and I thought he was just some random dude trying to push his shit so I kinda dismissed him. Then when he came on stage and I realized who I had been talking too I felt pretty stupid.

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