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29 May, 2012@2:53 am

Saigon speaks on recent allegations of beef with Big Sean and Rick Ross.

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4 Responses to "Saigon Addresses Beef Rumors"
  • Mitch 3K says:

    He should have thought about the way he was phrasing it, I think I get his point overall but when you take it out on one particular artist it comes off as jealousy. You cant blame Rick Ross for being ignorant & mediocre, he’s just doing what he does. The argument should be taken to the companies that let him get away with it. And he should have never denied saying it in the first place cause when SOHH leaked that tape, it makes it hard to take the guy at face value when you just got caught lying red handed. I fuck with Sai though, great artist

  • Maxx Plank says:

    I find his reply interesting. I noticed how sites like Hiphopdx, Allhiphop and WAV Television hip hop are also broadcasting this.

  • Maxx Plank says:

    I hope Saigon doesn’t fall into that whole beef for attention trap! He is too talented to need that..

  • Maxx Plank says:

    That’s why I’m a little annoyed to see this getting that much attention.. sorry for the triple post I hadn’t finished my whole thought process yet :)

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