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1 June, 2012@6:58 am

Apollo Brown and OC caught lightning with Trophies. The album gave the world an OC who had not lost a step and a modern producer who was earning a place in the continuum of classic hip-hop. In celebration of this success, Mello Music Group leaks “The Biggest Loser,” a bonus cut not on the album.

An elder statesman, OC flexes his pedigree on “The Biggest Loser.” OC glides over somber keys that are chopped well by Apollo Brown. The subject matter runs from line to line, but the feeling of sober determination is most salient. OC bobs and weaves with Apollo’s fiery vocal sample on the hook, reinforcing the motivational essence of the verses. The veteran has had a historic career and here he sounds confident without crossing into braggadocio, reflective without waning nostalgic, and powerful without being intimidating.

There are no promises in hip-hop, trends come and go and careers can vanish in the blink of an eye, but hard-earned classic artists, like OC and Apollo, will always have a place at the table.

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9 Responses to "Apollo Brown + O.C. – “The Biggest Loser”"
  • Dayz says:

    @Model Citizen that was Skins you were disagreeing with not me, no problem, and I gotta say I really don’t like the sample either but every other aspect of the song is so dope I can get past it. @Pizzo great write-up of the song. Trophies embodies everything that a Hip Hop LP should sound like to me. If you claim to be a real fan Hip Hop there is no denying the creativity and quality and pure dopeness that these to artist created.

  • Model Citizen says:

    @Dayz, sorry man! I think I was reading one of your comments before I clicked on this thread. Me, you, and Skins always seem to be commenting on the same shit so I got you guys confused. I agree, “Trophies” is just no frills, quality hip hop.

  • Dayz says:

    @Model Citizen all good man and yeah it seems to just be us three on here on the regular these days… What happened to Artie and TomL???

  • Skins says:

    TomL is probably too busy opening up all of his commenter of the month prize swag to use a computer…I fear for Artie though.

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