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4 June, 2012@9:50 am

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3 Responses to "Pusha T Speaking About Working On His Solo LP"
  • Dayz says:

    So let’s get down to what is really going on here. Kanye and The Dream are saying cut out all that lyrically tight lines and verses and DUMB YOUR SH!T DOWN FOR THE MASSES!!! Pusha T is a real assh@le blinded by the money if he thinks I can’t tell what is really going on. “We need you to be this guy right now” GTFOH with that Dream! Y’alls make really crappy Hip Pop and have no right to tell Pusha how to “STRUCTURE” his rhymes… Well I guess they do cause he’s the dumbass following that carrot they got dangling on the fishing pole… Fuckery at it’s finest! Damn this is the sh!t that makes me hate Hip Pop and rap so much! I call it now Pusha T’s LP will be so whack and disappointing to his real, tried and true loyal fans! Boo this man! Boo Kanye for f’n up the Clipes with this horsesh!t! Dream??? You suck and know nothing about Hip Hop you admitted you’re R&B so go back to making that rap and bullsh!t!

  • isaac says:

    agreed ^^ Im a huge clipse fan but the direction Push is going with his solo career is retarded. stupid club pop bullshit. oh well, at least we still have the old clipse albums/re-up mixtapes

  • Model Citizen says:

    Yeah, I gotta agree with the above comments too. Any time you tell an emcee, “you’re rapping to damn much,” that’s a problem in my book. And who the fuck is Kanye West to tell Pusha T how to write a verse? I’m not even saying I hate Kanye as a rapper, Pusha could rap circles around him though. It’s odd to me that he’s worked with top notch talent like the Neptunes (who pulled out all the stops on “Hell Hath No Fury”)yet he still feels like he has so much to learn from a due like The Dream. Sounds like their putting a real emcee through pop star boot camp. While I’m on the topic, I doubt Malice’s…sorry, NO Malice’s recent conversion to Christianity is gonna help Clipse’s case any either. Another one bites the dust unfortunately.

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