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5 June, 2012@12:27 pm

Preem speaks on whether or not classic battle records in this day and age.

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7 Responses to "DJ Premier Discusses Beef In Modern Hip-Hop"
  • Mitch 3K says:

    People forget about some of the wack motherfuckers he produced in the 90′s, does anybody remember Dream Warriors???

  • Dayz says:

    @Skins that’s the thing, he has been around a long time, is far from broke and well respected. He doesn’t need the money so he doesn’t have to work with anyone he doesn’t like just to stay relevant and cool with the hipster fake thug kids. Also Christina Aguilera actually has talent those two clowns do not.

    @KillaBee2k5 If he likes Lil Wayne and Drake that’s fine it’s his choice to like whatever he wants it’s just I hate those to individuals and find it perplexing that someone that is such a pillar in the Hip Hop community and has contributed so much to this art would be into two people that are destroying the very thing he loves with their bullsh!t. Again just my opinion.

    @Mitch 3k, Dream Warriors eh? Never heard of them but just watched a few clips on Youtube. Yeah nothing to write home about.

    In the end it’s not about being a bitter old head from the Golden Era it’s about actual quality. I honestly think some of the best Hip Hop music I have ever heard came out this year and I’ve been listening since 1983. I love what a lot of these young talented artists are doing. I don’t base my hatred on these cats due to them being young it’s the fact they are horrible at what they do. If they came out 20 years ago I would be saying the same thing. It just surprises me that people like Andre 3000 and DJ Premier who I look up to as great and talented people with good ears for all kinds of music would go on record stating they like horrible rappers. If they came out saying they liked people like Blu, Sene, Brother Ali, Action Bronson, etc… So many good new artists out there but to say they like these whack trendy Hip Pop fools makes me question their artistic integrity. That’s my opinion no more no less.

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