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In the aftermath of yesterday’s Hot 97 vs. YMCMB disagreement, Nicki Minaj called into Funk Master Flex’s show this evening to settle their differences. The two didn’t really reach much of a conclusion, preceding to argue for a good 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, Peter Rosenberg spoke on the incident on his own show, suggesting that an apology to Nicki for dissing “Starships” won’t happen, and that he stands his ground.

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10 Responses to "Summer Jam Aftermath: Nicki Calls Flex, Rosenberg Comments"
  • dirtyd says:

    Nicki, you suck, however, please take it off…

  • Vijay says:

    You guys are getting soft. Maybe she didn’t deserve it but hell…. Shit is hilarious. Fuck that Diva bitch. She tried to make it out like it was cause she’s a female she was being dissed and singled out. Her saying that is degrading for females in itself.

  • Mitch 3K says:

    @ Vijay ……… ITs really not about being soft as much as just thinking about the situation If I were in it, you dont ambush somebody when there doing you a favor, as much as I might hate what she does we all know alot of folks bought those tickets cause she was on the bill

  • Tom says:

    Vijay is right about the female thing.

    Not to mention she has no self-respect and is out there getting all this plastic surgery. She is an arrogant attention whore.

  • Cam says:

    Rosenburg didn’t diss her on the main stage. This was the small second stage…why anyone would give a dam about what people were saying about you on second stage is ridiculous. It’s like having a minor league player bitch about you in class A ball while you are playing in the majors…Do you really need to respond or care? Nope. You are getting paid a lot to do this. You are a celebrity. Be professional and get thicker skin.

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