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12 June, 2012@5:20 am

So, Canibus battled Dizaster this weekend. In the third round, Canibus forfeited the match, but decided to, um, read his lyrics from a notepad. Watch and discuss.

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15 Responses to "Canibus Battle Dizasterous."
  • Tom says:

    Dayz is right. Also, JoJo telling people to “Adapt and shut up.” thinking everybody should just adapt and use writtens is hip hop’s cancer or either Dizaster’s buddy.

  • Be28ans says:

    lol damn CAnibus was a beast in the 90s, he got murked, retire

  • Be28ans says:

    he never made a good album, and battling now he getting fucked

  • qmulus says:

    @Dayz If you watch battlers like Diz, DNA, Illmaculate, Hollow Da Don, Kid Twist, Nils M/Skils and others, you’ll hear them throw freestyles/rebuttals/flips into their battles. Battle rap has multiple formats now. It’s not just 8-mile/106 and Park back and forth freestyle over a beat. I like it better now. The days of Juice vs. SuperNat are over. If you can destroy people with freestyle, then join the written leagues and show them how it’s done. You’ll at least get more credit for coming off the top, even if you lose.

  • nickwolf says:

    @ Dayz, i agree. i once knew a guy i was in a rap group with who use to be pissed off because id memorize i rap. i never battle anyone with it, i just did it because i dont know how to freestyle, and me and my group use to put on shows for everyone at the sock hops at school. nothing big, just for fun. but guess what? homie cant write a rap to save his life and bullshitted his way out of it when it was time to perform seriously. he would freestyle something about one of the classmates or something like that. we like ok ok ok…thats funny, not lets do this shit for real, man. he ended up dropping out the group lol there are different forms of freestyling but MY definition of it is flowing off the top of your head, nothing memorized. i felt like thats the point, right? hip hop/freestyling has changed so much, man…im trying to hang on but these cats today aint doing it for me, yo. u get a few here and there but as a whole…i recall music sticking to your ribs, u didnt mind hearing it a million times a day. they wore Whitney Houston joints out and i still can hear her shit and be chill about it now. maybe im getin old, i dont know (im 32 lol). music today aint got enough heart and soul for me

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