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12 June, 2012@5:20 am

So, Canibus battled Dizaster this weekend. In the third round, Canibus forfeited the match, but decided to, um, read his lyrics from a notepad. Watch and discuss.

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15 Responses to "Canibus Battle Dizasterous."
  • Tom says:

    I also didn’t know what to expect when I watched the whole video. If I just could take it line for line (since both rappers were doing writtens) I would say I enjoyed Canibus’ rhymes better. He unfortunately just couldn’t memorize shit.

    That being said, written battles are just as stupid as being read off a notebook.

  • Mitch 3K says:

    Another thing about this is that canibus has too much baggage to bring into a battle with him against somebody he doesnt know anything about…. Half of Diz material was making fun of Canibus for his stalker like Decade of dickriding Eminem & about how he’s a crybaby who blames everybody else for his problems and how he never lived up to the hype and he needs to hang it up….. What was Bis really gonna counter all that with, does he even know enough about Diz to get personal like that, or was he just gonna spit “Science Bars” all night long??

  • Jojo says:

    You enjoyed Canibus rhymes better? What a joke, listen again my friend. Nobody freestyles anymore, the battle culture has changed. Adapt and shut up.

  • Skins says:

    @Mitch, I didn’t say any good would come from it, but he sure as shit has gotten publicity. You know what they say about no such thing as bad pub (sidenote: there is very much such a thing as bad publicity)….if it was in fact a stunt, and he thought it would move units, all that makes him is the idiot we already think he is.

  • Dayz says:

    See I have been discussing this whole written battle subject quite a bit lately. I have been informed recently that in these rap battle circuits out there the battles are much like boxing, your opponent is known for months and you both have time to prepare all of your rhymes… Hold up wait!!! I ALWAYS have thought that battling was a freestyle not written! I have never brought written rhymes to any battle ever and once I realized this is how it is I am appalled! If all these world famous battlers all use writtens I swear right here right now that I must be one of the best battle emcees in the universe cause I have crushed a ton of emcees on stage on a street corner, anywhere, and I always freestyle. I have completely taken apart people piece by piece, embarassed them and hurt their souls with my freestyles… I swear this whole rap scene sucks these days! I know people are gonna say I am full of sh!t but damn these lazy, uncreative, unskilled, to me only half of an emcee emcees out there disgust me! To be a true emcee in my book you must be completely proficient in the art of the written word and freestyling/off the top. If you can only write you are a writer and performer. If you can only freestyle you are a novelty act to empress your friends. I swear people don’t work hard enough to master their crafts, everyone wants to be a rapper but they don’t put the time in to truly be one.

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