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Reunited Goodie Mob performs this track that they debuted at The Grammy’s a few months back.

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4 Responses to "Goodie Mob – “Fight To Win (Live On Jimmy Kimmel)”"
  • Tom says:

    Uh..weird. Good Mob is a group of like 4 people and this song seems to be pretty much all Cee-Lo. Nobody even raps on it. It’s weird they would even introduce it as Goodie Mob featuring Cee-Lo. I don’t know man. Song was cool and creative, but seems like it was more a Cee-Lo featuring a couple words by the rest of Goodie Mob.

  • Dayz says:

    This is that same crappy song they debuted on The Voice a few weeks ago. Basically what it looks like and sounds like to me is the other dudes are broke and Cee-Lo let them on stage with him and use his name as a way to get them in the door and into the main steams ears, hence the “Goodie Mob featuring Cee-Lo Green” introduction. This IS NOT A GOODIE MOB song and sucks they are trying to cop a quick buck from the general populace mean while alienating their core fan base. I am sure plenty of people like disagree with me and say stuff like hey man cats gotta eat and get paid and all that bullsh!t and I hear that but this is artistically hella lame and down right corny as can be! New Goodie Mob = latest BEP ripoff… Smh…

  • isaac says:

    Ill stick to the Goodie Mob albums from the 90′s, some of my favorite jams on those LPs.

  • jeff 413 says:

    ehh ok, not for me
    however, Soul Food will always remain one of my favorite albums of all time

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