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The legendary Mobb Deep rapper explained how his beef with Tupac and Death Row began. P also revealed his reaction to “Hit ‘em Up”.

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3 Responses to "Prodigy of Mobb Deep Speaks On His Beef With 2Pac"
  • Tom says:

    Aw. They didn’t ask about Drop a Gem on ‘Em. Dead or alive, I think still Pac was a punk.

  • Tom says:

    It was basically his fault why him and Biggie got killed. He had no clue how to handle beef like a grown man.

  • Dayz says:

    I think it’s cool that P actually started liking and listening to Pac’s music after he dissed him. To me Drop a Gem On’Em is one of the best diss records out there. I say this one cause the beat and rhymes are ridiculous but more so that they never said his name, there were no obvious threats. It’s easy to go in the booth and and say f#$k you and you and you and your crew, that takes no talent but they completely killed him musically with that song and I bet more than half the people out there didn’t ever really know what the song was about… Reminds me PELASE Prodigy can we can that level of writing and intensity back that you had when you made that song, PLEASE!

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