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17 June, 2012@4:31 am

Amazing, must see TV. Commentary below:

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2 Responses to "Tim Dog On Dateline (Full)"
  • Tom says:

    Thanks so much Pizzo for posting the link to this. That was crazy when Jacky Jasper showed up. haha. I can’t believe Tim Dog is that way.

  • [...] Tim Dog back, Tim Dog back! Thanks to Dateline (for better or worse) everyone screaming that Tim Dog back! The internets have been going wild after the NBC news show did a 2 hour expose on Tim “Dog” Blair last week regarding a group of women he scammed out of thousands of dollars. The story is bizarre, twisted and off the wall but being that we’re huge fans of Tim Dog on Backroad Radio this all comes as no real surprise. We’ve always known he’s been quite the character. We discussed the episode, touched on the situation as of course we put together a special set of Tim Dog music. It’s not quite as long as a 5 CD box set of greatest hits but it definitely covers a nice chunk of his classics! If you want to watch the entire episode of Dateline and see how everything unfolds, check it out HERE! [...]

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