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They call out Vinnie Paz and Sicknature as well on this.

10 Responses to "Lord Lhus & Unknown Mizery – “Message to the Underground” (Snowgoons Diss) (Video)"
  • Skins says:

    This isn’t serious, right? I mean, dude is literally running and hitting a snowman with a stick. A snowman. I mean, I get the implications, but…it’s a snowman.

  • Huey says:

    I have NO idea what the hell was goin’ on in that video… Either the music is too loud, or his vocals are too low… Regardless… Is it EVEN worth me listenin’ to it again?!?

  • chuckdadie says:

    If I looked that lame beating up a snowman I prolly wouldn’t threaten anyone or talk tough. How funny is that little dude’s screw face?

  • skec says:

    I know the Snowgoons made a an entire album with M.O.P., but who the fuck are these 2 clowns? What’s their claim to fame? What 2 classic albums are they talking about? Again, who the fuck are these guys? Why am I even listening to this???? These guys look real tough beating up snowmen, stabbing them & putting bags over their heads. And where the fuck they get snow from????

  • Skins says:

    The whole video is what I’d expect if a Nickelodeon show parodied a delusional indie rapper video. If it wasn’t real, I’d actually love it.

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