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Brother Ali might stir up Fox News with his new album cover for Mourning In America and Dreaming In Color. The album hits August 21, and is entirely produced by Jake One.

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26 Responses to "Brother Ali – “Stop The Press” (prod. Jake One)"
  • Model Citizen says:

    So Ice Cube was “shitting on your country” when he released an album called “Amikkka’s Most Wanted” too. So was Public Enemy when they titled an album “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.” Are they posers who should just be thankful that they live in a country that allows them to prosper too? Your basically spouting off “love it or leave it” rhetoric and I’m sorry, thats ignorant and it sure as hell has nothing to do with hip hop.

  • Dayz says:

    @mchc I do respect your pride in America. I have many family and friends who have served or who are currently deployed around the world in various arms of the military. I respect this country and love it too but the thing that makes this country so great is that you can speak out against it if you so choose. While I too may not agree with that picture I think he should be allowed to express himself that way if he so chooses. Once we say we need to silence people like Ali or not let him prosper we are heading down a slippery slope that could destroy the very essence of this country and what our founding fathers envisioned.

  • Model Citizen says:

    @Dayz, that Goats shit is dope! So 90′s in the best way possible. I miss hooks like that. I have heard of this group but I’m pretty sure i haven’t heard them or I probably would have this. What year did this come out?

  • Dayz says:

    The LP came out in 1992 on Columbia Ruffhouse Records. Signed and released at the same time as Cypress Hill, Nas and Fugees. They were too political and they didn’t know how to market them like the others so after this LP they were dropped. They released a follow up No Goats No Glory which was also pretty good. When they performed live they had a full band and played the music as hard core punk rap versions. So many nights in the middle of the mosh pit at places like the Troc stage diving and wildin out, shows were epic. I actually got to perform Typical American with them at Rex’s in West Chester which was quite a highlight of my MC career. I’m still cool with MADD who now performs with his band Black Landlord around Philly. Peep them out too. Definitely get Tricks of the Shade, one of my favorite LPs ever of any musical genre.

  • Model Citizen says:

    Cool. I’ll definitely have to track thier shit down.

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