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6 Responses to "Kurious – “Magic Like That” (feat. AG; prod. Diamond D)"
  • Tom says:

    I loved Kurious’ album “A Constipated Monkey” and I’ve always loved Diamond D. He even dropped some nice beats recently. AG also dropped some good stuff recently, but I’m not feeling this beat or the flows/rhymes at all on this one. I don’t think it’s wack, but it just has no soul. The delivery just seems lazy. Personally, I am dissapointed. Would have rather had this at their prime when the beats had ill drums and better samples.

  • Skins says:

    I liked the track more as it went on…on second listen and I like it. Kurious always had a nice lil lazy flow. It’s gotten a little lazier, but I like it and the contrast of AG’s hyped up hook is dope.

  • southwest says:

    As a beat head, I’m fuckin with Diamond lately. He’s doin some ill shit with the crisp, live feel of the snares and hats and is diggin quite deep in the crates for new samps.

  • Tom says:

    Yeah see Southwest, the live crisp sound of drums is what turns me off to it. It doesn’t work for me in hip hop. I want some gritty ass bangin’ drums.

  • Dayz says:

    I totally hear the drums discussion and always prefer the gritty muddy drums but this still sounds dope. Hell this is better than 99% of anything on the radio, I dig this.

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