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Slaughterhouse speak out in support of Frank Ocean’s decision to be open about his bisexuality, and praise his new album Channel Orange.

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4 Responses to "Slaughterhouse Speak On Frank Ocean Coming Out"
  • Skins says:

    I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised with how accepting of Ocean’s admission the industry has been, at least publicly. Big Daddy Kane practically got run out of the industry when naked pics and rumors of bisexuality came out in the 90s, but I haven’t seen much of that same hate and disgust come about for Frank Ocean. Sure, he’s not a rapper, which may play into it, but Budden nailed it, it’s 2012 and this shouldn’t be an issue at all. Brave as fuck for Ocean to come out though, and I’ll always have a little extra respect for the guy for it.

  • zzubtone says:

    as for me i’m a strong homophobic and routinely go out on homophobic rampages late at night in my city. Me and my crew have killed 17 gays this month but we aim for 30 next month. Also, I blow up gay bars by placing bombs in them.

  • John Doe says:

    Top 3 Gay Rappers
    Jay Z
    Kanye West

  • The Doorman says:

    @skins – yeah, the rumors were, that the gay/bisexual rumors were started on Kane by the gay community because of that line on his second album “the big daddy law is anti-faggot!”

    then he did the posing with Madonna in her book “SEX”. that wasn’t some gay shit but we all were looking at him with cocked eyebrows at the time because it WASNT HIP-HOP!

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