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27 July, 2012@5:31 am

After viewing a video of a past episode of My Block with Sway, Lupe Fiasco breaks down on MTV over some of the “ghosts” seen in the video. “Some of the kids aren’t going to make it out of there,” he says, teary eyed.

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5 Responses to "Lupe Fiasco Breaks Down On MTV"
  • ggggggggggggggg says:

    good video…….

  • khordkutta says:


  • CJ says:

    One of the realest things I’ve seen in a while.
    Think twice next time you watch that video of your favorite rapper posted up on his block, with his rented car, throwin’ money in the air actin’ like it’s a party.
    How many of us got family livin’ like this…if we’re not in it ourselves?
    I feel you Lupe.

  • M Dot says:

    Take this shit down! We wanna stay in the projects, nigga! Murder is cool, what’s this nigga’s problem?! You earn stripes with Fed time nigga, what’s this nigga talkin’ bout? That’s some shit to aspire to!

    Real talk, though? The realest moment I’ve ever seen on MTV. The things that Black people praise and look up to be holdin’ us back. You may or may not feel the shit is neccessary, to get out of your situation or whatever whatever, but the shit is not to be glorified.

  • CJ says:

    Word M Dot.
    We have dudes like Chris Brown and Drake trying to be about that life, when cats KNOW it’s not going down like that! How many of your favorite MC’s would openly weep at footage of the block? That video ripped Lupe apart.
    Common is another example. He only hints at what he’s seen and done, but he always keeps it positive. Many rappers have come from WICKED circumstances, but instead of glorifying it, they uplift.
    That’s how you know when brothas are true and when they front. If you’ve been through what these cats have seen and done, there’s no need to speak on it, much less rhyme about it. What do they have to prove?

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