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The creative process revealed for DJ Khaled’s Kiss The Ring track with DJ Premier, Nas, and Scarface.

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12 Responses to "DJ Khaled’s “Hip-Hop” Studio Session w/ DJ Premier, Nas, & Scarface"
  • Dayz says:

    I posted this video earlier today on the tracklisting and cover art post. Here is what I had to say:

    Here is the behind the scenes making of the song “Hip Hop”. I mean DJ Khaled called up all 4 artists got them to work on a song. Then he told Preem what vocals he wanted cut up and scratched but that is about it. I mean basically he’s the Hip Hop broker aka the middle man. He really doesn’t do sh!t. He can barely form a sentence, he cannot explain anything, just a bunch of “you know what I’m sayin’”. This guy is obviously very unintelligent and to me it makes me sick that he has the ability to “work” with such talented artists. If someone else has better insight in to what I just watched then please let me know…

  • lp says:

    Dude does not rhyme, dude does not make beats. Could somebody explain me why his name is on the album’s cover?

  • pthemt says:

    I could give a shit about Khaled but if hes the reason this track got put together then fuck it, I’m on board.

    Cant wait to heat the full version… and a new Face album.

  • pthemt says:

    Oh, its already on youtube… heh

  • Chicago Allstar says:

    Song is up on Youtube.

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