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21 August, 2012@7:41 pm

Here’s something off that Welcome To: Our House LP, featuring Eminem. In stores August 28th.

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11 Responses to "Slaughterhouse – “Throw That” (feat. Eminem)"
  • DA Commanda says:

    This is trash and you all know it, stop defending wack ish…

  • Mitch 3K says:

    @ Da Commando….. Stop telling people what there allowed to like

  • nickwolf says:

    its not bad, its is a silly track for real. i like these cats but i dont think alot of people will. sucks

  • jeff 413 says:

    I can’t believe my eyes, this is universilly liked on here? If this was anyone BUT Eminem it would be thrashed as garbage.

    ‘ this building is probably filled with lil ding a lings but not me though , I throw this dick on you girl ‘

    wtf? Im not a huge fan of drake but if he made this song, with that same hook and those same lyrics, there is no way in hell it would recieve the same type of confidence from all you, Eminem was and always be a gimmick to me

    can’t you guys hear the production here? PASS!

  • Anthony says:

    This song sucks, the lyrics and flows are gimmicky and its retarded. It’s not timeless, no one here can say it is. Pass.

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