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The famed Minneapolis rapper got real about a number of topics including the upcoming presidential election, which he believes is more symbolic than anything else, but encourages voters to get educated about each candidate. Ali also speaks on being a white albino rapper, and believes that everything is easier as a white person, but he also recognizes that everyone has their own situation.

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5 Responses to "Brother Ali Talks Race, Expresses Disappointment In Barack Obama"
  • holden 1 says:

    Would you like to know why obama did not follow through with his promises? not bc he was stopped, not bc of racism, not bc of the right…its bc he lied and we are all too proud to believe we were fooled. bottom line. welcom to politics my man.

    can NOT believe how racial charged and borderline racist this dude is. its really REALLY disgusting when people like this voice their malice

  • Punchbuggie says:

    I agree with Holden 100 percent. I voted for Obama and just like any other politician he lied about a lot of stuff and even sometimes did the exact opposite of what he said he’d do. I’m not voting this year, because I’m not def not voting for Romney. Anyhow, he sounds like a racist and not realizing it because he’s full of white guilt and has a hard-on for labeling black people victims. Brother Ali, get the black cock out of your mouth.

  • holden 1 says:

    and are we going to turn a blind eye to the fact that ali’s is breaking bread with al jazeera?? the taliban controlled anti amercian us soldier killing network of terror??? and you assholes post the vid?! are you kidding me?? really?? grow a set of balls, be a man, and take the radical cock out of your mouth. don’t speak this all world hip hop bs and then air THE MOST antisematic network since the nazi regime. fucking sheep

  • A/DC/B says:

    I see a lot of truth in what he says; that’s humanity’s tendency to dominate and exploit he’s discussing, as well as what the people on the ground who don’t participate in or necessarily cosign the exploitation but benefit from it do to cope. In this context it happens to apply to European Americans; no sense in hiding from it. The significance of race in this country is declining but it hasn’t disappeared yet. You can look at it as vilifying one group and labeling another as victims or as discussing the consequences of tough breaks in the real world where nothing is fair, a dynamic Hip-Hop has a tradition of combating on behalf of the little guys. Just because race doesn’t matter to you (or me) doesn’t mean race doesn’t matter, period.

  • Candice says:

    It’s 2012 man; white, black or brown the opportunities are out there.

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