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In usual fashion, Quentin Tarantino’s next film, DJango Unchained, already has a Stellar cast attached to it, including Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Don Johnson, to name a few. RZA is the latest to join the crew, according to a report from Variety, and will portray the character Thaddeus, “a violent slave working on a Mississippi plantation”. This will mark the third time RZA has worked with Tarantino – first on the Kill Bill soundtrack, and more recently on his directorial debut, The Man With The Iron Fists.

Meanwhile, in other HollyWu-d news, there are reportedly two new films being worked on about Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

“There’s two things going on with the ODB situation,” RZA told The Playlist. “There’s ‘Dirty White Boy,’ [starring Micheal Kenneth Williams] which is about the manager of ODB, and his last two years. And there’s another one with a working title called, ‘Dirt: One Word Could Change The World,’ that his family is more involved with. His mother is involved with ‘Dirty White Boy.’ I’m involved with both, anything about his life, I want to help out with any capacity. His mother told me I should come in and help.”

“Maybe for [Dirty White Boy], I’ll score it, they told me they need someone to music supervise. I saw some pages where I’m in it. But you know how it is, movies gotta take a year to make it in a week, RZA said. “As far as ‘Dirt,’ that actually starts back when we was young. Me and [ODB] ran through this city, man, cutting school, stealin’ pretzels from the hot dog stand, being vagabonds, sleeping on the trains, drinking ’40s on the back of the A Train, rapping, getting chased by the police. It’s a coming of age story that me and him and a few of our cousins went through, Then it goes on into finally becoming Wu-Tang, going through that hell. And then it takes on his side of it, not my side. Seems like my trajectory was… a’ight, directing a movie after starting out as a high school drop-out trying to survive.” Asked if he has plans on directing either of these films, he is non-committal, saying, “I dunno, it depends. Right now I’m not, though.”

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