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17 October, 2012@4:05 am

See if you can follow this chain of events. Cypress Hill records dubstep EP with Rusko, sans Muggs. Muggs records dubstep tracks solo, sans Cypress. Does this mean the next Cypress Hill LP will be a dubstep record? Time will tell. In other news, Deadmau5′s Cypress Hill collabo, “Failbait”, was pretty dope, by hip-hop standards.

We’re getting off track. Muggs delivers new EP rooted in dubstep and trap styles of production today on Mishka, featuring guest shots from Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids and A$ap Rocky. Also, that cover art rules.

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6 Responses to "DJ Muggs – “Sound Clash Business” EP"
  • Tom says:

    I wonder if they still would have made this if dubstep wasn’t popular? Wu-Tang and Brand Nubian (and other rappers) had dubstep projects. It’s kind of insulting if you ask me.

  • Dayz says:

    I HATE DUBSTEP! That Inspektah Deck remix LP was awful! The Cypress Hill Rusko EP was atrocious! Get back on the sample heavy dark deep production style Muggs! I don’t wanna hear any of this “well artists need to evolve” bullsh!t, this kind of music sucks and Muggs is either a sell out or done lost his creative mind! One of my favorite producers now reduced to this nonsense, smh…

  • 510hurryup says:

    This definitely is not what I expected, but I do dig the A$AP track.

  • Tom says:

    While, I don’t hate dubstep (although I’m not a hardcore fan either), I agree with Dayz. People follow trends and use the cop out of saying “we are evolving as artists” How is artists copying a style that everybody is doing because it is currently popular evolution at all? It sounds more like devolution.

  • Tom says:

    I would also like to mention, that like Dayz, Muggs used to be one of my favorite producers. Sometime during and especially after the release of IV, Muggs started making some generic “Dre” sounding beats. Another trend at the time. I know some artists are scared to sample anymore due to lawsuits, but that is what Muggs was a master at. There must be some way around it so we can hear some real hip hop bangers. The beats he used to make were timeless and were amazing on so many levels. Now half the bedroom produers I know are pumping out beats that put the modern Muggs to shame.

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