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17 October, 2012@4:05 am

See if you can follow this chain of events. Cypress Hill records dubstep EP with Rusko, sans Muggs. Muggs records dubstep tracks solo, sans Cypress. Does this mean the next Cypress Hill LP will be a dubstep record? Time will tell. In other news, Deadmau5′s Cypress Hill collabo, “Failbait”, was pretty dope, by hip-hop standards.

We’re getting off track. Muggs delivers new EP rooted in dubstep and trap styles of production today on Mishka, featuring guest shots from Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids and A$ap Rocky. Also, that cover art rules.

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6 Responses to "DJ Muggs – “Sound Clash Business” EP"
  • Mitch 3K says:

    Muggs has never cared about criticism, I think he enjoys it. Muggs was mixing rap with rock at a time it wasn’t popular and being told what a sellout he was for it in 1994, I highly doubt people telling him the same thing in 2012 for messing with Dubstep is gonna make him give a fuck, lol, he does what he wants, always did always will. I don’t always like the results but I respect his decisions. And as far as the “Sellout” comments go, lets not pretend Dubstep artist are blowing up on the charts, even the well known cats like Skrillex & what not still don’t really sell shit. Its certainly a contemporary style but If I were gonna sell out I’d go for something that actually, you know, sells….. You people need to learn the difference.

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