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This Parisian interviewer is beside himself with excitement in this interview with 50 Cent, about his line of SMS Headphones. While this awkward interview could have been edited down a bit, it does have some key reveals. Fif mentions that the Street King Immortal has been pushed back again from it’s release date of Nov. 13th, of which 50 suggests is “as good, if not better” than Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ and The Massacre.

Around the seven minute mark, 50 also speaks briefly about Detox, suggesting that a track called “My Life” was originally recorded for it, but will be used for Street King Immortal instead. While he is unsure of what the status is, 50 suggests that it could be “an EP, 5 or 6 songs”.

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3 Responses to "50 Cent Says “Detox” May Be EP; “Street King Immortal” Pushed Back"
  • Dayz says:

    Detox? Yawn… I think all media outlets should ban discussion of this mythical LP until we actually have proof that it is truly coming out. I for one am so tired of hearing all this speculation. At this point it has been hyped to the point nothing will satisfy the fans and it’ll be a huge let down. Let’s end the debate and agree to not speak of it again unless we have real proof.

  • Mitch 3K says:

    Dr. Dre is just a victim of the hip hop audiences negativity. I remember reading a Stat Quo interview in like 2008 or whenever he left, he said something to the effect of Dre being too influenced by what other people think, he’ll have a batch of songs ready, one will leak and when people online complain about it ( which they do about everything anyway) he loses confidence, scraps everything he was working on and starts over. There are probably 30 different versions of Detox the world will never hear because Dre cant rap his head around the fact that human beings are whiny lil crybabies by nature and some will complain no matter what you do, so he is trying to come up with something that makes everyone happy. There’s a better chance of turning water to wine then making the entire world happy, its not possible. If “The Chronic” dropped today half the internet would whine about it, Dre needs to shake that shit off and make an album HE IS HAPPY with and ignore outside opinions.

  • Chad says:

    This album is never coming out. Not a chance. Disappointing? Sure. There is however, a ton of other great hiphop out there right now to listen to. That’s where my focus is.

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