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14 November, 2012@8:20 am

Roc Marciano’s long-awaited Reloaded LP is finally in stores today, via Decon. You can pick it up on iTunes now, or preview the whole thing below first.

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3 Responses to "Roc Marciano – “Reloaded” [Full Album Stream]"
  • Dayz says:

    I really am enjoying this LP. I am reading a lot of hate on the internet and to a degree I “understand” why. This is not a party, club or bumpin’ in your car crusin’ music this is sittin’ in the dark head nod music. Many song lack “traditional” Hip Hop drum sequences and the whole LP is quite monotone and down beat. Twist up the goodness, have an adult beverage or whatever you do to set the right mood and this LP is incredible. One of the more visual LPs I’ve heard in a while. Definitely BUY this and support artists making quality and creative music.

  • Hodges says:

    Really Dayz? Where you seen such foolishness? I would think the people who would hate Roc Marciano have never heard of him. They certainly don’t deserve to be exposed to throwback 90′s New York shit. Of course I’ve heard half of the fly shit before the release thanks to ANS, but there were lots of other new gems, although as an avid fan I’d say his lyrics are getting slightly stale compared to his earlier work. His beat selection is still top notch. I especially enjoyed the subdued Q-Tip track. Like something from the Low End but with muted drums. Overall, Marc is still that nigga. I’m sure Bronsons shit will almost be a companion piece keeping in line with fly dusty street shit with stream of consciousness lyricism. I was kinda underwhelmed with Alchemist’s tracks here, probably saved his best for Brons. Flash Gordon and the slowed down sample part is ill as fuck though. By the rating standards here, the album should get 7.5 @s.

  • Dayz says:

    @Hodges just read the reviews over at there are people trashing this LP! I agree the Q-Tip track is one of the best on there. Again I love this LP and will be bumpin’ it for quite some time… I choose to believe those that hate are ignorant, close minded and choose not to actually really listen, they just want club bangers and don’t get that sometimes you just want to zone out… Life isn’t always about ragin’ in the club and bangin beats. Hip Hop/Pop fans can be so simple and disappointing…

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