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Action Bronson and Alchemist’s long-awaited Rare Chandeliers is now available. Guests include Meyhem Lauren, Ag Da Coroner, Schoolboy Q, Roc Marciano, Evidence, Styles P, Big Twin and Sean Price.

1. Big Body Bes Intro
2. Rare Chandeliers
3. The Symbol
4. Sylvester Lundgren Feat. Meyhem Lauren & Ag Da Coroner
5. Randy The Musical
6. Demolition Men Feat. Schoolboy Q
7. Eggs On The Third Floor
8. Modern Day Revelations Feat. Roc Marciano
9. Dennis Haskins
10. Bitch I Deserve You Feat. Evidence
11. Gateway To Wizardy Feat. Styles P
12. Blood Of The Goat Feat. Big Twin & Sean Price
13. Mike Vick

Action Bronson + Alchemist – “Rare Chandeliers” (Mixtape)

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7 Responses to "Action Bronson + Alchemist – “Rare Chandeliers” (Mixtape)"
  • Model Citizen says:

    This record did not disappoint and that’s saying a lot because I had pretty high expectations going in. I still think “Dr. Lectar” is Bronson’s best work, but this may be a close second, I need to listen a few a more times to make that call though. Regardless, Action Bronson’s winning streak continues. I’ve said it before, Alchemist has always been dope but his production has been especially nice these past few years, dude is a monster. Between this record, Marciano’s album, and “Dice Game” the past week or so has yielded 3 of the years best releases.

  • Green Django says:

    Any links to a complete download? having trouble finding it

  • Dayz says:

    Wow! You regulars know I am a huge fan of Action Bronson and indeed I agree with @Model Citizen this a close second to Dr. Lecter. Although I’ve only listened to this 3 times all the way through and it keeps sounding better and better. These two artists compliment each other perfectly. I look forward to more LPs in the future. I cannot believe these guys give away a classic like this while there is tons of trash rap on the racks for sale! Thank guys for blessing us with this incredible LP!

  • Dayz says:

    @Green Django go to the man himself for the download at

  • hodges says:

    My expectations were probably too high. I was expecting more mind-blowing shit like the first and third parts of Randy the Musical. By today’s Hip-Hop standards, of course it’s a 5. By Alchemist standards, a 3.5. The 4 Gangrene/berg albums, Covert Coup, and No Idols are all of higher quality production. And too many features from cats who shouldn’t be in a booth with Brons. But at the end of the day it’s free and considerably dope, so what the fuck am I complaining about. I’m guessing Brons gonna lay low for a minute, while I’m anticipating Alchemist and Boldy’s joint to be outstanding.

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