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LL’s 14th studio LP, Authentic Hip-Hop, will be released February 12, 2013. Here is a look at the tracklist.

1. Something About U (FTW)
2. Where Ya At (BOSS)
3. Take It (feat. Joe)
4. Closer (feat. Monica)
5. Too Late
6. New Love
7. Dream With Me
8. Girl So Bad
9. Ratchet
10. Bartender Please
11. Bath Salt
12. Getting Paper
13. Jump On It
14. Hell Yeah
15. Whaddup

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5 Responses to "LL Cool J – “Authentic Hip-Hop” Cover Artwork + Tracklisting"
  • Dayz says:

    LL is one of my idols and a big reason as to why I started rhyming but for the last decade or so his music has just been horrible. The first 2 singles from this are absolutely dreadful and not “authentic” at all. They are however “authentic” Hip Pop/MTV/BET/Radio garbage if that’s what you are into. Where is the heart? The love? The battle ready veteran? Instead of writing corny love songs, which he already wrote classics about so no need to run that topic in the ground, why not write songs about kickin’ the crap outta home invaders!?! I rather hear him tell those type of tales over some Marley Marl production any day over some romantic jibberish over a too slickly overproduced Trackmasters radio jam… I have never understood the whole rap artists need to retire thing but in the case of LL if he can’t reconnect with his roots and bring some ol’ boom bap battle raps then I don’t wanna hear James no more.

  • Artie Hendrix says:

    Yeah imma have to agree wi you dayz…LL has been hot garbage for about the last decade…but he still does show sgns of viciousness in some songs like “where I belong” or “queens is” off his goat album but besides those LL is awful when it comes to that hip pop crap he seems to gravitate to hahaha

  • Authentic hip hop. You lost me at featuring Joe and Monica.

  • The man the myth says:

    Late 80′s and early 90′s LL was the shit. The last 17 yrs he has been terrible. I see the track list for “Authentic Hip Hop” and have to laugh. This shit is going to be awful.

  • Vet says:

    I’m tired of hearing love song from hip-hop artist, if I want that, I will listen to R&B. Can we please just get back to Hip-Hop?

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