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Mos Def selects Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like” instrumental for his newest freestyle.

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5 Responses to "Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) – “I Don’t Like (Freestyle)”"
  • Shaun says:

    hasn’t dun anything good since his 1st solo album. so promising after the black star album and his solo. this sucks. depressing.

  • Dayz says:

    Mos Def came out with some features (The Roots and De La Soul LPs come to mind) his first solo LP and the Blackstar LP and quickly became one of my favorite emcees. I gotta agree though I haven’t really liked anything he’s done since. I tried and bumped all his LPs and features but in the end I just wasn’t feeling any of it. I cannot believe he made this craptacular “freestyle” sounding like all things I hate in the scene… SMH… WTF is he doing!?! I thought the Mannie Fresh produced LP may be interesting but if this is the lane he’s going in it’s another easy pass for me… Sad when such great artists fall from grace so hard (Prodigy I am looking in your direction). I wish he would just hang up that corny crooner mic of his if this is the garbage that he’s gonna make. Don’t tarnish the legacy!

  • Green Django says:

    Agreed lads BUT if you change your rap name your exempt from your past endeavours so Yasiin Bey is some one else all together.
    Hey mos def now is the time, be kind rewind, bring back the dope shit.

  • Model Citizen says:

    I agree with the above posts, however I didn’t like “Black on Both Sides” all that much either to be honest. It definitely had some great moments, but it’s still to experimental. It’s all been down hill since Blackstar. The few new Blackstar tracks they’ve put out sound pretty promising though. we’ll see. Oh and this track is amusingly terrible.

  • Nic Orizaga says:

    the delivery is not the best but when you pay attention to the lyrics, it works…”Top 5 stupid songs up on your radio, I don’t like/all this cacklin’ and carryin’ on, i don’t like/all this suckaness and scared shit, I don’t like/all these Afri-coon-Americans that ain’t right/and that goes for crazy-ass crackers/small-claim-court clowns and strip-club rappers/out in broad day with their nipples out/with their stretch-marks, back hairs and pimples out…yuck, you suck, go away/you always talking and you never got much to say…” — Yasiin Bey

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