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Chicago-based podcast series The Andy Derer Show speaks with founder of HipHopSite.Com / WeAllHitPlay.Com / Hellafine Records, DJ Pizzo (that’s me). We talk about the year in hip-hop, the house music club scene, MCA, Chris Lighty, and much more.

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3 Responses to "Andy Derer Interview w/ HipHopSite.Com Founder, DJ Pizzo"
  • Green Django says:

    Good to hear you being interviewed. I listened to the whole thing believe it or not. It seems you don’t like commercial rap very much ha you couldn’t tell that by the amount of hip pop u post on here. Zing!!!
    And shock horror you don’t like Missy!!!
    I think you’re right about what you said on Dr Dre he needs to release Detox….1 then 2 and so on.
    Good stuff again and looking forward to best and worst lists this year. I imagine Wu Block will be most disappointing piece of crap album of the year.

  • DJ Pizzo says:

    Well, in all fairness, commercial rap is covered here because it ultimately is relevant to our audience, even if we don’t like it. Reason being, the underground stuff is the antithesis of it, so it’s almost here to show the underground what it’s up against.

    I also like to reel in young 2 Chainz fans and convert them into Apathy fans.

    In truth, everything gets a fair shake. I usually don’t judge a rapper until I hear his album – there’s a million rappers out there with terrible singles and great LP’s.

  • Green Django says:

    I hear ya. A dope beat is a dope beat no matter who produced or spit on it. All rap is after all under the hip hop banner. I won’t ever dispute your intention or direction with this site 15 years and still the only hip hop website I check on a daily basis and I wouldn’t if it were only underground or anti commercial artists that were covered here.
    And to note thanks to you and your team I listen to way more hip hop artists than I would of since the death of record sales.

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