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PATTCH82: First off, the new album Eyrth, Wynd And Fyre is set to drop on February 12th. How do you feel it stacks up against your other solo records…?

CAPPADONNA: It’s just different man, it’s more together you know what I mean? The message is a little more clearer and I think it’s just an all around tighter album production wise. Big up my man J. Glaze on the production tip.

P82: There are a lot of lesser known producers on the album. They did hook you up with some bangers though…

CAPPA: Yeah man it’s just something different you know. I always want to give the underdogs a chance to shine through. We been reigning in the game for over ten years and it’s always good to be able to look back at the brothers that’s trying to come up and do they thing man, and give them a chance. It is a sacrifice as well, because when you do this a lot of people look at you like your value is lessening. But really, your value as an individual is increasing because that’s a wonderful and good thing to do for people man.

P82: I noticed that J. Glaze produced pretty much the whole first disc of the album

CAPPA: That’s right, J. Glaze produced it so it was basically a fifty-fifty split between me and him.

P82: Can you speak on some of the other producers on the album, guys like G-Force, DJ Snips…

CAPPA: Yeah DJ Snips and G-Force, all of them dudes right there I hooked up with them through J-Ronin. J-Ronin was like my A&R for this project. DJ J-Ronin from Brooklyn. I was definitely grateful to him, Sav Killz, Kevlaar, all of them guys man. They definitely made a great contribution to the work man. I couldn’t ask for a better line up than that. Also big up to Lounge Mode, my physical brother, for his features and input on the album man. We definitely got great songs like Bar B Que. So you know, I couldn’t ask for a better deal than that.

P82: There are very few guest MC’s on the project. Lounge Mode does appear on quite a lot of tracks on the second disc…

CAPPA: Yeah I been trying to work with Lounge Mode for quite a while now. We’ve never really had a chance to do anything so I took this opportunity to take out all of these songs that we did at one time or another and put them together for this nice collaboration. It just reminds me of the elements again, you know, Earth, Wind and Fire… the fire is the truth, earth is the strength and the wind is the sense of something that you can feel but you can’t see. So you can’t see me but you can still feel my words though. So that’s the elements right there, and with me and my brother it’s a combination of love, anger and emotion you know what I mean? It’s a very well rounded album.

P82: On the recording process, what would you say was the tone or feel that you were aiming for with this album…?

CAPPA: Umm I took it as more or less me just doing me this time you know. I wasn’t under any pressure or anything like that, I wasn’t trying to concentrate on what anybody else wanted from me. I just kinda tried to take it back to how I felt when I first started you know, just me. But at the same time, not as high tempo.

P82: What made you decide to drop a double album…?

CAPPA: The reason I did that man is because I haven’t really dropped too many mix CD’s lately. So I wanted to give the fans something that they could enjoy and then at the same time have something left over for later. They can listen to one disc in the day time and one at night and they getting it for the same price.

P82: You also dropped the prequel EP ‘Natural Elements’ a little while ago, that introduced us to some of the new producers.

CAPPA: Yeah definitely man. Like I said man, Kevlaar, DJ Snips, all of my buddies man, J-Ronin…

P82: Do you have any favourite tracks on the album…?

CAPPA: Ummm I like Puffed On Pride and In The Dungeon. I like Boogah Hill. There’s a bunch of joints on there that I like man.

P82: A lot of the tracks are putting across a more positive message. Tracks like Pull Ya Life Together and Children Of Israel…

CAPPA: Yeah that’s how I’m trying to do it man, I’m trying to keep it positive but still with a nice beat you know. But on P2 I’m gunna go with a more happy, dance, kind of up tempo thing goin’ on so this was a good time for me to get all of the slower songs up out of my system because I’m about to, how do you say… raise the bar.

P82: So what are you coming with next, P2…?

CAPPA: Yeah, The Pillage 2.

P82: I was going to ask you about that. It was reported a while ago that you were working on it. So is that definitely in the pipeline…?

CAPPA: Yeah man, P2. I’m gunna get some tracks from RZA. I’ve got tracks from Mathematics and 4th Disciple, I’m trying to find Goldfinghaz. But it’s like, I want bangin’ tracks though.

P82: So are you trying to go back in with all of the same producers from the original Pillage…?

CAPPA: Yeah but mix it up though. Remember I’m doing 70 songs, don’t be surprised if it’s another double CD. Because if I’ve got just hits after hits who can stop that?

P82: Do you prefer working on solo projects or with the Clan…?

CAPPA: I like working with Wu-Tang and I like working for dolo too…

P82: How was it hooking up with the Clan again for the ‘Six Directions Of Boxing’ track for RZA’s Iron Fists soundtrack…? Were you all in the studio together…?

CAPPA: Nah it was only like me, Masta Killa and GZA in there. And 9th Prince. But it was still beautiful man. When we did the Jimmy Fallon show a month ago it was me, Ghost, U-God, Masta Killa, RZA, so we always getting in there.

P82: You also contributed some verses to Cilvaringz’ upcoming project. Have you heard anything from that at all…?

CAPPA: Nah I haven’t heard nothing from Cilvaringz yet, but as long as that buzz is still there we gon’ live.

P82: Have you spoken to RZA or anyone else in the Clan about the possible reunion album for the Clan’s 20 year anniversary…?

CAPPA: We’re in meetings and talks and negotiations right now, once we get the appropriate formula to make everybody happy then we gunna go forth into this 2013 with the gangsta lean.

P82: What would you say is your main focus, the Wu-Tang Clan album or your Pillage 2 album…?

CAPPA: Both of them are high priority and high profile albums, but the thing about it is I’m definitely going to make sure as an individual that I’m on my job. But I did start out as the group so you know, I have an equal love for my solo career, as well as the groups projects and efforts.

P82: Most Wu-Tang fans consider The Pillage an all time classic amongst Wu albums. How do you feel about it after all these years…?

CAPPA: It’s definitely my favorite album man, not because it went gold. Because at that time it seemed there was a lot more love around hip-hop, not in general, but definitely for me and my team and my squadron and everything we were doing. It was new, it was a good venture. I love the work that I did, I had a free mind and good things happened man.

P82: Are there any of your projects that you wish had gotten more shine…?

CAPPA: I just wish and hope that I could do better as an individual and up the bar on my lyrics and up the ante on my business knowledge and just me being able to go more to my fans and my team as a well grown man you know. A well put together grown man yo.

P82: I read in a previous interview were you said you didn’t really want to limit yourself to just Hip-Hop, that you also wanted to do rock, reggae and just music in general. Is that something you are still trying to pursue…?

CAPPA: Yeah I just want to be the artist and be loved for being the artist. I don’t want all the fuss and fights. I just wanna do good music, and be taught how to do better music.

P82: Your rhyme style is unique and your voice is instantly recognisable as you. How did you develop your style…? Were you influenced by any other MC’s when you were coming up…?

CAPPA: Yeah I was into Slick Rick, Dana Dane and all of them cats. Rakim and Nas, you know, the early heavy hitters. I like a lot of variety in hip-hop, smooth hip-hop too.

P82: Do you listen to much hip-hop in general…?

CAPPA: Yeah I listen to a lot of stuff man. I love reggae though. Yeah I love reggae, I been trying to do my little reggae thing. I did a couple of joints but didn’t really wanna put them on the album. I did one on The Cappatilize Project called Wanted. Wanted In Jamaica with KMC. (Sings) Wanted, Wanted, Wanted in Jamaicaaa…

P82: You’ve been through a lot of up’s and down’s in your career. What would you say is your greatest achievement looking back…?

CAPPA: My greatest achievement is surviving all those up’s and down’s. Not that I’ve built anything big or better, it’s just having survived. That’s the supreme victory to me man, because any day could be your last, even if you’re rich or poor, you’re on or not, it doesn’t matter.

P82: Do you have any regrets…?

CAPPA: My only regret is that I didn’t put everything of my spirit and my soul into each project. I feel like I could have really done more if I had the knowledge that I have now, to be a responsible spokesperson for hip-hop and the content of my lyrics.

P82: Which projects do you mean…? Your earlier work…?

CAPPA: Yeah I just feel like I was so much more gifted with my wordplay man, I could really express beautiful things you know. If I had my way, which I guess I do now, I just wanna do good music that’s going to be uplifting and empowering. I still want to give them the reality, but without the formality.

P82: I’ve seen you perform live a few times with the rest of the Clan. You used to spit your verse from Winter Warz acapella at a lot of shows. Would you say that is your defining verse or your most famous verse…?

CAPPA: Yeah I liked my Winter Warz style and I’ve definitely explored sometimes how to duplicate it but I haven’t yet found out how to imitate it. It was a different time and day but I love that style and I will concentrate somehow on getting a piece of that action. It would be nice to have that for the P2.

P82: We do get to hear glimpses of that style every now and then. There was a track on Slang Prostitution, the Somebody’s Got To Go track where your flow was crazy!

CAPPA: Thanks man, that’s what’s up. I definitely be trying to hit it when I could but I’m gunna go even harder now because I feel I know what needs to be done. So I’m gunna do my best and just really bring some good music man no matter what. If the message is positive and people don’t like it that’s too bad but I’mma keep it positive and I’mma keep it coming hard.

P82: You seem to work with Inspectah Deck a lot on your projects and his. Are you closer to Deck than the other Clan members…?

CAPPA: I used to bump in to Deck in the hood every now and then you know so we can collaborate and do that like that. But he ain’t scared to come out to the studio, he’ll come out and do it when he says he’s gunna do it probably 8 out of 10 times you know.

P82: Going back to the new album, people can pick it up on February 12th. Will you be doing any touring in support of the album…?

CAPPA: Yeah definitely. We gonna kill it on them live. Yeah we gonna kill it.

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3 Responses to "Exclusive: Cappadonna Speaks On New Double CD, “The Pillage 2″, and Final Wu-Tang Clan LP"
  • Tom says:

    Cappadonna was one of my favorite Wu-Tang members. Give him a tight ass beat and when he gets in the zone, he kills it.

  • Model Citizen says:

    No disrespect, but Capadonna has always been the worst member of the Wu in my opinion. It’s weird for me because he was so dope on “Iron Man.” Outside of his appearances on that album though he’s always been unlistenable, even in small doses.

  • dead c says:

    Unlistenable? Worst member of the Wu? That’s ridiculous. The Pillage is a classic. I was even listening to it last night. It’s timeless.

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