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As promised, DJ Shadow releases his “too future” set from Mansion Miami, which resulted in the club pulling him off the decks, and subsequent internet backlash.

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5 Responses to "DJ Shadow – “All Basses Covered (The Infamous South Beach Set, December 2012)”"
  • Tom says:

    lol. This is shit. A couple good joints, but if I went to see DJ Shadow and he spun this, it would make me even more depressed. Especially since Shadow overcharges trying to capitalize off his previous genius. Obviously DJ Shadow was butthurt about being pulled off and wanted to post this so his dickriders could feed his ego and tell him it was tight. Kind of sad.

  • Laurent says:

    You are either deaf or dull, a great selection of tunes and an excellent mix.
    But playing in the wrong place, have you seen the place ?
    A dance club playing dj’s like Morgan Page or paul van dyck, surely not the same kind of music and public…

  • Bevan Bottom says:

    Tom’s just jealous because he doesn’t have a dick for anyone to ride.
    Seriously though, Shadow’s set is genius. I don’t like every song on it, but that doesn’t matter. Instead of mixing one genre to please one fan, he played what he wanted to play, and it’s just a bonus that there is something in there that anyone could listen to. I would love for a DJ at any club I’m at to play something different instead of the radio shit that 99% of club acts play in 99% of clubs.

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