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We know we made you wait, but we’re kicking off our 2012 Year-In-Review with a bang, starting with the Worst Album Covers of 2012. Don’t be mad ya’ll……

10. Masta Ace – “MA Doom: Son of Yvonne” – We’re not going to dis this album, it’s one of the best records of the year, in fact. But unfortunately people judge books by their covers all the time, and this is a false representation of what lies inside. Ace deserves better!

9. Brianna – “Face Off” – The Pen & Pixel era is long gone, but that doesn’t stop rappers from pulling this kind of shit. Here, Brianna confirms our long standing theory that the music industry makes music for robots, by robots.

8. Dominic Lord – “Fashion Show” - We’re not sure if ex-ASAP member Dominic Lord is the gay rapper, and frankly we don’t care. However calling your album Fashion Show and posing like you’re in mid-spin on the runway for your album cover…. well, the jokes just write themselves.

7. Schoolboy Q – “Habits and Contradictions” – Here’s another good album that deserves better cover art. A ski-masked serial-licker, while Q stands by idly? Perhaps concepts cannot explain.

6. Keyshia Cole – “Woman To Woman” - Hmm, maybe her and Brianna can have a woman-to-woman about starring in John Woo’s Face Off 2.

5. 50 Cent – “5: Murder By Numbers” – The original cover to this album looked way better, except that it was a shameless jacking of The Expendables 2 promo poster. This album was troubled from the start, as Fif tried to side-step Interscope and release it himself, instead opting for a last minute mixtape release, with an obviously last minute cover done in MS Paint.

4. Beanie Sigel – “This Time” – Watch out Philly traffic, ol’ Jazz Hands Sigel is on the case. Running the streets……with dance.

3. Tyga – “Well Done 3″ – Tyga’s last album had him sitting on the throne, and this one does too, so to speak. We’re not sure if he’s taking a shit, or simply hanging out in a sauna shirtless with Drake, Lil Wayne, and Lil Chuckie. Either way, his “187″ mixtape cover made up for it, with simplicity and style to spare.

2. DB Tha General – “I Invented Gas” – Yeah, try your best not to get in an elevator or go on a long road trip with this stinky bastard.

1. Too $hort – “No Trespassing” – Street signs is watching. Rap legends deserve better.

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5 Responses to "HHS 2012 Year-In-Review: The 10 Worst Album Covers"
  • Hodges says:

    I’m guessing y’all forgot about Wiz Khalifa? Every time I see it, I’m torn between laughter and shame.

  • JB says:

    ace got doom’s blessing to do this project when they both were on tour overseas.makes the album even more dope.

  • Brad says:

    Laugh out loud funny. Thanks Piz.

  • presto says:

    Wow, January 8th and all they have published is the worst albums covers. I used to really look forward to the top albums of the year from hiphopsite.

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