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We pick hip-hop’s best viral videos of 2012.

10. Alchemist & Action Bronson Interview Each Other. – Al and Action’s sense of humor couldn’t be captured better in this strange interview taking place on beaches of Cali.

9. David Copperfield Magically Appears At Rick Ross Performance - In perhaps the most surreal moment of the year, Rick Ross brings out “a motherfuckin’ legend” during his Vegas performance, as David Copperfield appears right before the audiences eyes during a performance of Rick’s track of his namesake.

8. Snoop Dogg – “Pocket Like It’s Hot” – Hot Pockets targeted their number one demographic, stoners, with this remake of Snoop’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”. But instead of white sperm spilling down your throat, it’s meaty, cheesy deliciousness! Special guest appearance from Giant, Dancing Hot Pocket.

7. DMX vs. Computer – In this depressing video, DMX shows the world that he has absolutely no idea how to use a computer. As one astute YouTube commenter points out, “this dude has been in jail for a while”.

6. Canibus Notepad Dizaster – Oh, did we say the last video was depressing? This is actually the most depressing video. Canibus, who at one time was looked at as the nastiest emcee in the game, breaks out a notepad to battle Dizaster. This also prompted this rebuttal from a crying fan.

5. Worst Hypeman Ever – Speaking of rap battles, there’s nothing like your homie backing you up at a rap battle so hard that he completely steals the show. See above.

4. Loaded Lux: “You Gon’ Get This Work” – The best moment in rap battle history this year, however, was Loaded Lux’s “You Gon’ Get This Work” taunt, which spawned a series of internet memes and his own line of personal t-shirts.

3. Film School With R.A. The Rugged Man – If Nardwuar interviews ruled 2011, R.A.’s brilliant Film School series ran 2012. Amazingly in-depth coverage of Hollywood films in all genres, as each episode finds R.A. sitting next to his massive DVD collection, pointing out obscure tidbits of information, like a walking IMDB from Long Island.

2. R2′s Other Message – 2Pac Hologram memes were everywhere last year, but this one takes the cake.

1. Lil Wayne’s Deposition – Lil Wayne is completely uncooperative at his deposition in his case against QD3 and his handling of The Carter documentary. Not surprisingly, Wayne lost this case.

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1 Responses to "HHS 2012 Year-In-Review: Rap’s 10 Best Viral Videos"
  • khordkutta says:

    The hypeman ish was hilarious, he was mix between ying yang twins and flava flaz

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