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15 February, 2013@4:08 am

Bronx 90′s rapper and author of “Fuck Compton”, Tim Dog (aka Tim Blair) died today from a diabetes-related seizure, at the age of 46. “Fuck Compton” was largely looked at as the first shot fired in what would eventually become the “east coast vs. west coast” battle of the late 1990′s. Tim was also a member of Kool Keith’s “magnetic”-less Ultra reboot during the early 2000′s.

Tim’s last claim to fame however was an appearance on Dateline NBC, which outlined him as a scam artist, defrauding multiple women out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by allegedly conning them into investing in a “Tim Dog box set”, which was supposed to resuscitate his career.

Rest In Peace, Tim Dog.

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2 Responses to "R.I.P. Tim Dog"
  • Tom says:

    I love his music and I’ve seen him live, but I must say, he sure ended his legacy like a real piece of shit scamming people and being a compulsive liar. FUCK TIM DOG!! Thanks for the awesome music though!

  • ll says:

    Tom, what the hell is wrong with you? How dare you post something like that–about anyone.How would Tim Dog even need hundreds of thousands of dollars to put out a boxed set? That doesn’t make any sense. What material?Who were these women?They must not have been hurting for money to lend a super underground emcee hundreds of thousands of dollars….Tom,it’s people like you that prove why hip hop isn’t neccessary in this day in age.

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