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by Pizzo
27 February, 2013@6:11 am

Kanye followed-up his “Suit & Tie” and Grammy dissing antics of his first show in London’s Hammersmith Apollo, by closing his second show with a screaming outro of “Touch The Sky”, then throwing his mic and storming off stage. Take a look at the footage below.

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2 Responses to "Kanye West Performance Ends In Screaming & Mic-Throwing"
  • Tom says:

    haha. What a little attention whore. He can’t get as much as he used to, so he is busy trying to get attention making comments and pulling shit like this. I like how the bitches in the crowd were like “Ohhh shit!!” Dude, welcome to music. This goes on everyday in the punk and metal scenes. lol.

  • purist says:

    There really is nothing worse than an aging hipster.

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