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11 March, 2013@5:57 am

We experienced some downtime for the past few days, but everything is back up and running now for both HipHopSite.Com and WeAllHitPlay.Com. You may notice the sidebar on both sites is missing. We are working to get that fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, now it’s time to get caught up! Thank you for your patience. Updates incoming…..

14 Responses to "HipHopSite.Com Is Back Online"
  • Dayz says:

    Not sure where to post this… I can appreciate getting advertising dollars but having a link to Playboy on HHS??? I love porn like everyone else but I want to keep these two worlds separate! Also it honestly looks sleezy here and makes the site look less reputable. I want that real Hip Hop news not a Worldstar looking bullish site! Sorry @Pizzo but this is not a good look. Plus wifey is giving me the stink eye when she sees the pic/link! Ha!

  • Liknutter says:

    LAME post!!! TBH @dayz no one cares what you think. Playboy ads are just ads. Pizzo or HHS has little control about what ads are screened. It’s a google demographic ad bot that decides.

  • Dayz says:

    @ Liknutter sorry if I am lame to you. I’ve been regularly visiting this site daily since 96 and I appreciate most of the others that come on this site with their views and opinions. The commenters here bring more to the table than another hip hop website, have you seen the ignorance and vulgarity most of these internet trolls and keyboard warriors post? I have never seen you post anything on this site before so I guess I should feel honored that my posts incited you to join the conversation. Nothing but respect to all that run and visit this site. Peace.

  • Liknutter says:

    @dayz ok Ghandi the way of the peaceful warrior it is

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