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Update: The following message was tweeted from Lil Wayne’s account last night:

Lil Wayne has been hospitalized after suffering yet another seizure this afternoon, after being rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A. Tuesday, then being released early Wednesday. Wayne was discovered Wednesday morning on the floor unconscious, and was rushed to the hospital again, yet they were not able to stabilize him, TMZ reports.

He was placed in restraints, but they were unable to stop violent shaking spasms. Because he is unstable, the hospital has put him in a medically induced coma, and have him breathing through tubes.

It’s reported that were large amounts of codine in his system – likely from sipping on sizzrup (cough syrup), and they have pumped a large amount from his stomach.

He is now being surrounded by friends and family, with his mother en route to the hospital to sign off on any major decisions regarding his health. It’s reported that many are there to “say their goodbyes” (!).

Here’s hoping Wayne can somehow pull off a speedy recovery.

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13 Responses to "Lil Wayne In Critical Condition After Seizures; Being Given Last Rites…."
  • John Holmes says:

    I’m so happy he didn’t die! I wouldn’t be able to stand his martyr type status and constantly being compared to REAL mcs .. I.e. Biggie, and Tupac that have passed away from tragic instantces and how he too was one of the illness to ever do it…blahblahblah….and he should NEVER be referred to in ANY category with either Biggie or Tupac! So I hope he lives a REALLY long life, and just really hope for the best that he will also stop making music! Like right now!

  • If he died, people would start comparing him to Jimi Hendrix and we would be forced to hear a Drake/Nicki Minaj dedication song for months. Thank god

  • Liknutter says:

    Y’all are being very hard in lil Wayne. He may have made some choice decisions lately. But he was fire for a long time. Speedy recovery dog

  • Tom says:

    2pac wasn’t really that great of a rapper. He just had a personality and if he was some Craig Mack lookin’ dude, he wouldn’t even have half of his fans.

  • Mitch 3K says:

    ^^^ 2pac was a great artist. Just because he didnt make “Lirical imperial spiritual miracle rippity flippity rappity rap” doesnt make him any less great on the mic. There is a reason people still talk about him nearly 20 years after he died. It’s one of those things that aint even up for discussion anymore. Feel free not to be a fan if you want bt he is on the GOAT list ant aint going nowhere.

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