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20 March, 2013@3:33 am

TMZ, who originally broke the story of Lil Wayne’s extended hospital stay, reports today that he has been removed from the Intensive Care Unit at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and has been released from the hospital.

Ca$h Money frontman, Birdman, has released a statement, indirectly blasting TMZ for the breaking of the story, suggesting that the seizure was singular and was not drug related.

“He had a seizure and we brought him to the hospital. We’ve been here ever since. But he’s doin’ much better and he’s in good shape right now,” he told Angie Martinez. “He’s recovered real good, he’s doing real good. At any time, we’re just waiting on the call.”

“To me, it’s just his work ethic. It’s just how he put in and what he believe in and how hard he work, how much dedication he gives to music and his fans and what he tryin’ to accomplish in life. It had nothing to do with drugs,” he said. “He just needs to get some rest, relax, take it one day at a time.”

“We already know, it’s like the second or third time, so automatically we just lay him down and call the ambulance and get him to the hospital,” he said. “It’s nothing that they can cure; it’s out of our control. It’s something we have to live with and maintain.”

“He was never in that kind of situation throughout the whole few days we’ve been in the hospital. He never been about to die,” he said of the TMZ report. “We got family and kids. When you putting out false rumors like that, you can really damage families like that, fear them and have them feared.”

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4 Responses to "Lil Wayne Released From Hospital"
  • John Holmes says:

    Just wanted to point out…’s not march 20th as of yet? Possibly someplace in the world, but not in the u.s.a.?? Just sayn.

  • jules says:

    This was a terrible display of journalism on all counts. Just cuz you have a camera or a blog does not make you a journalism. Check your ssources and get your facts right

  • Tom says:

    Why are you guys believing Birdman at all? lol. This guy has gone into a couple siezures recently. Unless it is some health condition, shit doesn’t just start happening like that. Birdman says it is cuz Lil Wayne is working hard? So if you work hard you will have seizures? Dude to Lil Wayne’s criminal history he probably isn’t even supposed to be doing drugs. That might have something to do with it. I’m not saying I believe everything TMZ says, but shit, just cuz Birdman and Wayne say something, you don’t take that as fact. Dude is still most likely a drug addict, who are we kidding?

  • Dayz says:

    I don’t wish him death as much as I hate what he does but hopefully this will make him retire and disappear… Live long and healthy Wayne just step away from rap and stop ruining my beloved artform, please and thank you.

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