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What is largely considered The Roots best LP, 1999′s Things Fall Apart, has finally been certified platinum by the RIAA, selling over 1 million copies. ?uestlove took to Twitter to make the announcement, stating: “It took 14 years…..don’t let it be said that dreams don’t come true. #platinum,” and then Instagramming the pic below. Congrats to the legendary Roots crew!

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6 Responses to "The Roots’ “Things Fall Apart” Has (Finally) Gone Platinum"
  • darootsfan80 says:

    Wow…that’s sad that it took this long to go platinum. It dropped my freshman year in college and got burn EVERY DAY that spring semester…had 2 of those covers too, because I wore the first CD out.

  • khordkutta says:


  • Dayz says:

    Congrats to The Roots! Definitely my favorite LP of theirs… Love’em all though…

  • DJ Pizzo says:

    True story: ?uestlove once did an in-store at There was a 10 year old kid there with his dad, and he asked me to get one copy of each of his Roots albums. He bought all of the albums for the kid and then signed them. I bet that kid’s a fan today…..

  • Dayz says:

    True story: I was at a Roots show at the Electric Factory in Philly with my girl friend, her friend any one of my boys. Half way through the show we lost the girls and got hammered at the up stairs bar, had a blast. Well the show ended and we couldn’t find the girls. The venue cleared out and no signs of them in the parking lot. About a half hour later my phone rings and it’s my girl friend. I’m drunk, worried and pissed at this point well when I answered it was a guy on the phone. He’s saying “yo man hello I’m with your girl, what’s up she wanted me to call and say hi” I was so drunk I didn’t recognize the voice and it was so loud i couldn’t understand who he said he was. I started yelling, cussing and demanding he put her on the phone. We went back and forth for a bit and I got so mad I hung up. Two minutes later the girls show up and she says, “you know you just cussed out ?uestlove right!?! We were chilling with the band and I got them to call you!” Doh! At least I got to meet him and redeem that debacle at Liquid a couple years later.

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