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In part 2 of Hardknock TV’s interview, Face talks to Nick Huff Barili about the current state of Hip Hop saying that he loves Kendrick Lamar but that older white executives that are in control of Hip-Hop are not in touch with the streets and don’t care about the culture. Scarface goes on to say that he thinks its a conspiracy to make black people look stupid and brainwash a generation of hip hoppers with “this crud”. Scarface’s advice to upcoming artists is to uphold the integrity of the craft and not to let the executives dictate our culture. Scarface references how Chuck Berry and Robert Johnson helped found rock and roll and blues but how now both those genres are predominately white and have forgotten their black roots. He goes on to point out that its hard to name many all black rock bands making music today.

As the conversation topic changes, Face talks about recording and touring with Tupac who used to open for him. Scarface says Pac would have rode on a lot of people out now like Mitt Romney and that Pac was going to politicize his fan base before he was killed. Part 2 of this interview ends with Facemob sharing a story of the last time he spent time with Pac which was when they recorded the track Smile.

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8 Responses to "Scarface Talks Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, Says Hip-Hop is White Now"
  • khordkutta says:

    good ish Mitch

  • Tom says:

    I hear ya Mitch.

  • Jake says:

    No offence but that’s ignorant. Refuses to take medication? Read up on antidepressants, shit works about as good as a placebo (which is okay, but the credit for that goes to the human mind, not the meds). I’ve been diagnosed bipolar (there where times when I wouldn’t leave my house for a week), and now I’m off my meds, and doing better than ever. Seeing people with mental illnesses as forever ill is actually doing them a big disservice. Besides, therapy>treatment (when you mean medication).

    Dude gets heated about music, so do a lot of people, who are nowhere near bipolar. Assuming that it might be his bipolarity speaking whenever he says some “shit” is excessive and condescending.

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