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30 April, 2013@4:18 pm

Part 3 of Hard Knock TV’s interview starts with Scarface asking why white contemporary singers sell more albums than their black counterparts. Scarface proceeds to say that he heard an executive at a tv network that deals with music say that they are now going to target the network for a young white audience. Facemob is concerned that the new generation doesn’t know who Kool Herc is and soon wont know who people like KRS-One and himself are because they are being written out of Hip Hop history. “If you gave a fuck about this culture in any shape form or fashion you would not put the shit out that you put out. You would slam the door on artists that came in there with that shit!”

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5 Responses to "Scarface Says Hip-Hop is Now a Drive-Through"
  • The man the myth says:

    Scarface is right, the mainstream music pushers have always hated real hip hop, the hip hop that wasbread in the early 90′s because it was not under their control. The music spoke to the people, and was heard throughout the mainstream. Once the big labels started getting there hands in the pie the music has been more and more watered down. I try to educate my 14 year old nephew about what real hip hop used to sound like, because he is a lil’ wayne and rick ross, drake and all of these sissy rappers fan. I can respect oung cats like the pro era crew because you can tell they have an appreciation for the classics. People say hip hop is evolving and in the underground hip hop is alive and evolving but the mainstream has devolved into a hip pop sound and it is terrible. Keep R&B out of it.

  • Mitch 3K says:

    I highly doubt Scarface was trying to honor Afrika Bambata when he came out, he forgets that alot of people blame The Geto Boys & NWA for the downfall of rap and the “Gangsta” rap era for making hip hop negative & violent. My point being, there are alot of folks out there and back in the day who thought The Geto Boys were Killing hip hop……. Now he’s the one doing the whining. I dont like any of these Swag Fag rappers either but just let the shit run its course, fads come & go. If you hadnt noticed the best selling album last year came from Kendrick Lamar, a young MC with skills and a message. Thigs arent as bad as your crotchity old ass thinks Brad, lighten up lol

  • khordkutta says:

    I certainly think the music/artists are more disposable now, I feel like it started with 90s RnB, specifically girl groups.

  • Mike says:

    Linky no worky.

  • Mike says:

    Nuff respect to Mr. Scarface, but I’m not sure what he’s getting at when he talks about Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake getting more success than Chris Brown, and the racial ramifications of that. In point of fact, Chris Brown – who, as I remember it, was little more than a Black Justin Bieber – made the cover of the source after beating Rihanna nearly to death. Maybe he should be asking the Source why all it takes for a teeny bopper crooner like Brown to become a “legit hip hop” figure with “street cred” is beating up a woman. I don’t have high hopes for hip hop orthodoxy if that’s the standard for legitimacy.

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