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In a recent string of corporate companies lifting endorsement deals from rappers, PepsiCo has pulled the third in a series of Tyler The Creator directed ads for Mountain Dew, as the latest has been deemed “racist” and “violent against women” by the company.

“We understand how this video could be perceived by some as offensive, and we apologize to those who were offended,” a PepsiCo rep told AdWeek. “We have removed the video from all Mountain Dew channels and have been informed that Tyler is removing it from his channels.”

The ad in question features a battered woman staring a police line-up, made up of black men and a talking goat.

“I’m gonna tell them some stupid idea I come up with five minutes before the meeting and they’re gonna think it’s f—in’ retarded,” Tyler told Elliott Wilson during his #CRWN interview. “I’m so used to people saying, ‘That’s f—ing retarded and I’m looking at Clancy like, ‘Yo are they serious’ and they actually liked it.”

“Next thing I know I’m at the editing bay putting together the cuts for the commercial I shot with this f—in’ goat and it dawned on me like ‘Finally someone looked past the rape or the devil worshipping or the immaturity which is evident in the commercial. They actually gave me a chance and let me be seven years old with their product.”

Until they didn’t. We’re not sure if it’s actually racist or promotes violence against women, but we assume it is supposed to be funny.

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2 Responses to "Mountain Dew Pulls “Racist / Violent” Tyler The Creator Directed Ad"
  • These companies need to blame themselves and stop acting “surprised” when these rappers do controversial things…well atleast they took full responsibility but c’mon man hahaha

  • Tom says:

    Props to Tyler not going to the Lil Wayne route and apoligizing for bullshit. Funny thing is Tyler actually is less racist than all these cunts race baiting throwing shit fit and these feminazis who will cry about anything. They never seen to cry about commercials that support violence against men as comedy. God, I hate feminists and race baiters. PROPS to TYLER.

    What would they rather the comercial be? Change the black people in the line-up to white? Make the woman a man? I mean, come on. Do they not see how ridiciulous they are acting. UGH. I hate those people.

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