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by Pizzo
3 May, 2013@8:18 am

Yelawolf calls Shade45 and speaks with Rude Jude, and gets some shit off his chest. Apparently, he’s fed up with rappers using “satanic” imagery in their videos.

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7 Responses to "Yelawolf: “Don’t Kick God Out Of Hip-Hop”"
  • Teletran1 says:

    Surprised that this was posted, even more surprised at the responses…..
    The truth is a lot weirder then the fantasies that these rappers portray. But yela wolf is right. Religion/Spirituality, and positivity was always apart of the hip hop from day one. “Give the people what they want”….. indeed!

  • Tom says:

    People need to get off religion completely IMO. However, it’s always been ironic that a lot of these rappers thank God and Jesus, when their lyrics are the furthest thing from being Christian. It has always been like that, the more you let them speak, the more hypocrisy comes out of their mouths.

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