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25 May, 2013@5:08 am

Timothy “Tim Dog” Blair just might make the America’s Most Wanted list, if the following news report is true. With a list of crimes that would include defrauding the public, tax evasion, conspiracy, and neglecting to pay over $2 million in restitution to folks such as NBC Nightline star Esther Pilgrim, and others.

Check out the report below, then head on over to read Vice Magazine’s in-depth investigation of the situation. There’s a storm coming…..

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3 Responses to "It’s Very Possible That Tim Dog Has Faked His Death."
  • Green Django says:


  • The man the myth says:

    I wouldn’t call him a legend. sheister, con man, piece of shit….

  • Chad says:

    Lol, Dre, Snoop, and Daz ended this guy in hip-hop, but this is funny. I hope it’s true and that he gets away. Outlaws are society’s last true saints. Tim Dog just might’ve pulled off in real life, what so many fiction writers have been claiming Tupac did, I wanna see the unusual, and for the regular guy to win over the authority, that would be divine justice.

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