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Update: Apparently, Goodie Mob’s marketing for Age Against The Machine was a bit confusing for us, and the “full” version of the album art had not been revealed. So here it is……

Here is the album art for Goodie Mob’s upcoming Aug. 27th release, Age Against The Machine. Cee-Lo is a part of the project and is on the album, but curiously is left off the album cover, with a big empty space in his place.

They’ve also released a snippet of Tmo’s verse from a track called “Understanding”, here presented as an acapella.

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8 Responses to "Goodie Mob – “Age Against The Machine” Final Cover Art Revealed"
  • Mitch 3K says:

    I dont give a fuck what dude up top has to say, Soul Food & Still Standing came out nearly 20 years ago and I still think there dope so that make them classics far as I’m concerned, nad I’d easily take them over anything Outkast did after Aquemini. Either way, I dont expect much from this album, wasnt a fan of the song I heard last year, just sounded like a Cee-Lo song with added GM verses, I expect thats what this albums gonna be overall. As for Cee Lo not being on the cover, I cant call it, but he has been involved with the promotion and what not so I wouldnt say its any indication of him playing the background, we all know the label is counting on his star status to sell this thing so we’ll see what happens with that

  • Green Django says:

    Cormega – Jay Z is a very good comparison the testament is a dope album (have the white label vinyl) and The realness too are better than early Jay albums. Growing up if you told me Jay Z was goona be the face of hip hop I would never of believed you. Cormega to me was hip hop raw uncut gangsta rap with dope beats. I didn’t buy a jay z LP till life n times vol 3. Big pimpin was the first track of his I dug. His premo tracks obvious bangers but in them days before mp3 I listened to vinyl and was selective on what I could afford to spend my money on.
    But as I was saying Soul Food is a very good album but world party was a disappointment even though its much better than anything out today.
    The idlewild ost is ok, stankonia though is an unbelievable album, sonically it’s out of this world a million times better than any goodie mob.
    Just my preference @major not a hater just being realistic. Their new LP will more than likely disappoint.

  • Battlehound says:

    Will always check out a Goodie Mob album look forward to this one regardless.
    Lots of nonsense being said up

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