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Update: Apparently, Goodie Mob’s marketing for Age Against The Machine was a bit confusing for us, and the “full” version of the album art had not been revealed. So here it is……

Here is the album art for Goodie Mob’s upcoming Aug. 27th release, Age Against The Machine. Cee-Lo is a part of the project and is on the album, but curiously is left off the album cover, with a big empty space in his place.

They’ve also released a snippet of Tmo’s verse from a track called “Understanding”, here presented as an acapella.

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8 Responses to "Goodie Mob – “Age Against The Machine” Final Cover Art Revealed"
  • Green Django says:

    Lets face it, Goodie Mob aren’t great. They’ve had a couple of classic tracks, a few good ones and a handful of mediocrity. The DF album and the outkast features were very welcome.
    When Cee Lo left it wasn’t a shocker and nobody really expected him to do anything with his career but he did and now is perhaps a household name not with just the youth but with grown folks for his work on the voice so a big fair play to him.
    The fact that he is left off the cover means one of two things his contribution to the album is minimal just featured on a couple of tracks or two he has little faith in the album and its ability to sell very well or expect it to and has purposely left himself out of the cover art so as not to hurt his large ego.
    Either way I’ll give the album a listen and if its good well hey I’m happy if its poor well who cares?
    The good die mostly over bullshit

  • Major says:

    How old are you? And from what region do you hail? The first two Goodie Mob albums are widely regarded as classic/ near classic in the South.

  • Green Django says:

    Old enough to be your uncle and come from the north of the wall. Neither goodie mob album is as good as any outkast album. That be my reference point

  • khordkutta says:

    Those 1st two joints are classics regardless of where you are from. West Coast Cat in my 40s, I still play both albums.

  • Major says:

    I think both of those albums were better than either Idlewild or Stankonia at least. You’re comparing them to one of the greatest groups of all time. Their sound is different, and probably not as widely accessible. I mean, you could compare Cormega to Jay-Z (former drug dealers, born in Brooklyn), but you shouldn’t be looking for the same things from their music.

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