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U-God’s first single from Keynote Speaker, due July 23rd.

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9 Responses to "U-God – “Heads Up” (feat. GZA & Jackpot Scotty Wotty)"
  • Green Django says:

    @Mike a couple of points to consider about U-God, he was only on a few tracks on Enter the Wu Tang before he went to prison and therefore missed the great solo label grab, promotion and tours that followed the release of the album.
    Then after Rza recorded the 5 solo albums along with sunz of man and killah priest LPs at the 36 chambers which was in his basement, it flooded and destroyed all his equipment.
    So baby Uey a victim of circumstance more than anything not quite left behind…

    This track is nice though!

    Don’t get me started on GZA he is a very difficult person to record with. He prefers to record alone and on his own creative time and is very hard to nail down but you can probably find him playing chess in a opium lounge, nah I mean!!

  • DNPMONK25 says:

    Are you kidding??? Phoned in for GZA?? That was totally in booth! JMO

  • colorform says:

    excuses cause u god went to prison? That should mean more ill time writing to keep up with that unique voice. No hunger. And GZA has been getting by on 45 second verses for way too fucking long, he should be killing it on guest appearances

  • Dayz says:

    Yeah this was okay but nothing to write home about. GZA is getting to be quite a disappointment. His last few lackluster LPs (other than the one with Muggs which was a classic and proves he still has it when he wants to do it) and the fact he’s slackin’ on his promise of Liquid Swordz 2 and Dark Matter… Those two LPs are about to go on the shelf next to Detox and Jay Electronica… He is one of the best to ever rhyme and all I can say is it appears he just isn’t that into it anymore. Last time I saw him live he was completely wasted stumbling around, fumbling verses and curing belligerently at the crowd, it was one of the saddest things I’ve seen from an idol of mine, much of my respect was lost. I would rather him say I am not really into this and I’ll do a show here and there and a guest spot once a year and that’s it instead of continuing to tease us in interviews with the hopes of great LPs that seem as though they probably will never come… I hold out some hope but I ain’t holdin’ my breath waiting on this guy. Oh and U-God? Dude is like Rebel INS, he is great on a feature but can’t carry a song let alone an LP by himself.

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